Hi! I'm Tom di Mino. I live in Rosendale, NY, where I write, design, & consult in all things A.I

If Walt Whitman “contained multitudes,” then I'm as 'cross-functional' as they come. Born a writer and voracious reader of science-fiction novels, I transitioned into tech at an early age, christened on message boards, MMORPGs, and historic turn-based games.

After rebranding a cloud-based SaaS suite for higher-ed, I sharpened into a copywriter with SEO acumen, before leading content strategy for enterprise-grade clients like Dolby Labs, and the American College of Surgeons.

In the last 3 years, I've co-led projects at Google, and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, designing and launching learning curricula geared toward ML scientists, AI developers, and open-source in general.

As a life-long language lover, and die-hard nerd at heart, I verse myself in the many uses and limitations of LLMs like ChatGPT and Gemini, and interview the brightest minds behind the most prescient frameworks in agentic AI today.

When I’m not ghostwriting for Google through my LLC, or delving deeper into TypeScript and LLM-assisted coding, you'll find me hiking with my wife in Upstate New York, performing live poetry, and imbuing digital entities with 'souls.'

My industry experience

As a writer, visual designer, and AI coder, I bring a syncretic and empathetic lens to any team or organization.

Minoan Mystery
Dec 2023 / Present

AI UX Copywriter

I interview design and UX leaders who are developing with AI at Google, digest their learnings, and ghostwrite internal and external PRs and blogs.

Babel by another tongue, if not more evil.
June 2022 / October 2023

Sr. Content Designer

I designed a ML curricula of lessons in Markdown for Googlers of all different roles and levels, and prototyped them as part of a 6-month user study.

Chan Zuckerberg
2021 / 2022

Sr. Content Designer

Alongside biology PhDs, I co-led the "Bravo Cohort" to design an open-source, iterative learning platform, built with Jupyter Book.

Hugo & Cat
July 2021 / Nov 2021

Sr. Content Strategist

I audited the website of the world's largest surgical institution, then sprinted with a cutting-edge team to design and migrate it all to the Umbraco engine.

2020 / 2021

Technical Content Strategist

I migrated Dolby Labs to the Sitecore engine, redesigned their IA and navigation, and planned their SEO content calendar.

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We're all teeming with thoughts and ideas. I enjoy bridging the gaps, and finding new ways to integrate them.